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Ramez International
A bright beginning and an ever-expanding presence
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Ramez International A bright beginning and an ever-expanding presence The launch of Ramez Co. over 35 years ago along with its consecutive successes did not come out of coincidence, but it has come as a result of continuous efforts and perseverance which enabled us to achieve sustainable growth and expand further into a plethora of industries and raise the number of active branches to 40 that are spread across the Gulf Cooperation Council member states and to serve 46000 customers every day via 20 sections that are aligned with over 128000 different item all under one roof We at Ramez, have achieved success through providing all of the items that are wanted by the client at the highest quality and best price. We have also been able to acquire a substantial portion of the local market's retail sector while simultaneously gaining our clients' trust in any other venture that we strive to undergo. Another achievement of ours is that we have reshaped the traditional concept of shopping and molded it into a simpler and friendlier experience that achieves the client's satisfaction that was achieved in part due to the fact that we have developed our e-commerce division and are even regionally going toe-to-toe against some of the biggest names in the business We have established this company on the basis of social responsibility and non-monopolized competiveness and with other goals in mind, among them providing excellent services and products to the public at prices that are within everyone's capability and contributing to the growth of the economy of the communities that we operate in As pert of our plans for continued growth, we are currently planning for the launching branches within the upcoming years , we are also looking forward to expand our displayed items' division size along with our plans to expand further into Africa and East Asia On the other hand, our scope of activities has gone beyond retail sales and came to include the industrial and real estate fields which consequently further established our credibility and status on both the local and regional scales

Ramez Al-Awadhi

Chairman of ramez Group